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SMSm8 is Australia’s only SMS platform developed here in Australia. Let us show you why SMS is now more effective that ever in generating ticket sales. Drive traction to your website & engage your target audience.

Get ‘em while they’re hot!

We all know how important it is to know who to market to, but do you know how important is when to do so?

It is the biggest mistake in events industry to spend thousands of dollars on marketing that cannot guarantee when the impression will be made. It has been shown that almost 100% of SMS will be read within one hour of it being sent. With responsive ticket sales pages so easy to use on mobile, you can effectively generate more sales as little as one hour before your event.

With SMSm8’s new EDM platform and campaign builder, you can set up a sophisticated campaign which will identify which medium suits the individual customer and provide you all the feedback you need to help maximise your return.

Campaign Builder

SMSm8 Campaign Builder has made marketing easier than ever before. By integrating your EDM and SMS campaigns, we can tailor specific offers to targeted members and SMS those who did not engage with your EDM.

Let us show you how we can ignite return business for your club and convert more visitors than ever before. Call us on 02 9159 6767

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Let SmsM8 do the heavy lifting for you. Our specialised automation system, autom8 can send messages and rewards to your customers based on their visitation and buying behavior.


Save time. Streamline your processes and start giving individual people the message they want. We have a professional commitment to integrate with any CRM or database. No more one size fits all.


Don’t send your data overseas. Security & integrity is our number 1 priority, which is why we only use premium providers in your local area. We guarantee your messages will be sent every time.
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