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No questions, no cost, no contracts, set up fees, admin fees, no catch, jargon or yarn-spinning.

Built and owned here in Australia, our Sydney-based team at SMSm8 regard security with the highest priority. We authenticate all new customers while still allowing you to get started without contact. All data is stored here in Australia, we go above and beyond industry-requirements to ensure the integrity of your messages and information is secure. Find out more via our Privacy Policy.


SMSm8 provides industry-specific customisation, multiple integration options and local 24 hour support. We also provide post-pay arrangements without contracts for clients large and small. If you would like to talk turkey, discuss rates, integration options or other features, call us anytime on 02 8074 5767.

Why Choose Australia's Number 1 Bulk SMS Provider


  • Free Support - Contact us at any time on 02 8074 5767. We always have a team on standby.
  • Live SMS delivery reporting - Access all the reporting you need from Delivery Status to Opt-Outs to-the-second at your fingertips.
  • Self-managed Opt-Out System - SMSm8 will automate all of your opt-out requests, maintaining your legal requirements as a sender without you needing to lift a finger.
  • Database Cleaning - Uploading lists is super easy. Just upload your numbers via CSV. Our system will scan for duplicates and recognise any format. Even if you’re missing the first zero!
  • Sender Field Customisation - SMSm8 does not make you send from an unknown number (spam alert!) Rather, we allow you to customise your own send field so your customers know exactly who they are receiving their messages from at a glance. No more unnecessary opt-outs!
  • Forward Scheduling - Schedule your message to the minute up to 12 months in advance to ensure you get in front of your customers exactly when you want to.
  • Recipient Customisation - Customise each message by your customers’ first name and more by using our various hotkeys.
  • For more flexibility and industry-specific features, call us for a quick chat on 02 8074 5767.
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