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CHQM8 are Australia’s ‘not-so-new’ kids on the block.

Although SMSm8 may be Australia’s newest SMS-focused marketing platform, the team at The CHQM8 Group have a lifetime of development experience. CHQM8 deliver a passion for all of our industries by listening closely to their needs. With the ability to develop all of our platforms on site, we have the freedom build solutions to the specific needs of our clients, rather than a one size fits all.

Turning a profit our first year, CHQM8 has gotten off the ground entirely self-funded.

Quickly gaining large support in the clubs industry, SMSm8 now sends over a million SMS every month by clubs, restaurants and retail outlets all over Australia.

Our Responsibility

To not just provide you with a platform of security and integrity that you can trust, but the support you need to get the most out of our service.

Our Approach

We put you in the drivers seat. We built SMSm8 with our ears first and will always use customer feedback as the bricks and mortar we construct with.

Our Mission, Vision

No matter how big or complex your campaign needs to be, SMSm8 will always have a solution, with a platform simple enough to be set up by anyone!
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At SmsM8 we love to help and with our industry knowledge along with our expertise in our field we constantly give advice, tips & hints in all areas of digital marketing, not just SMS.