Under Utilised Techniques Which Guarantee

Under Utilised Techniques Which Guarantee Results: Part 1 

It is easy to assume that with the restricted character count and tumult of one-size-fits-all SMS platforms that SMS marketing is fairly rigid. Although the interface of SMS itself is somewhat one dimensional, the engine behind it could not be further from the truth. Actually, it is the simplicity in SMS which is the cornerstone to its success. It is easy to overlook the complexity behind a successful SMS campaign because if how easily it is received, but the reality is, there are too many nuances to bite off in one blog. So, we have dissected this tutorial into digestible parts. 

One of the biggest challenges in marketing any business is understanding who your customers are. The registered clubs’ industry gets fantastic results from SMS marketing as they have the assistance of a membership model, that if run effectively, captures a lot of valuable data from the customer, including mobile numbers, before they even interact with the business. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

As important as personal data is, it is only a snapshot of the customer. The real gold is in the POS. 

POS Integration & Tracking

 POS data tells you everything you need to know about a customer via their buyer behaviour. It can tell you when they like to come in, what bars they frequent, what promotions they are taking advantage of and what products they like. 

This is very important when you choosing your audience because it is easy to assume a generalisation based on age demographics alone. For instance, assuming that targeting SMS for major sporting events to young males may very easily miss females who care for the event as well. Likewise, there are plenty of young males who may not care either. The SMSm8 system intuitively identifies the right audience and captures their buying behaviour for future campaigns. 

Per Marketo, 78.6 percent of consumers said they are only likely to engage with a brand using coupons or other offers if those promotions are directly tied to how they have interacted with the brand previously. Which is why it is so important to take the time to understand which audience is right for your SMS. 

Remembering that POS data can contain up to 600 fields, it can be hard to know where to start. It is important that you have a system and team which can effectively decipher this data. Automating messages for customers’ birthdays is a nice touch, but only the start on how effective integrated SMS can be. 

Referencing the statistic above, it is important to reward your customers based on their interactions with the club. An intuitive SMS platform can customise these rewards and automate the notifications directly to members’ phones. Moreover, as these rewards are customised and integrated with SMSm8, we can bypass the need for clunky scanners, lengthy installation processes and antediluvian QR codes. 

One final thought, harnessing the correct data for a campaign is one thing, but means nothing without being able to measure its success. Measuring who has redeemed their rewards is easy, but identifying who has interacted with an SMS for a free event such as a badge draw or free live music is impossible. Or at least it was. One final humble brag for the SMSm8 platform; we are the only system in Australia which can track the effectiveness of your campaign without a call-to-action. The ‘how’ is our little secret, but food for thought for next campaign. Have you ever wondered, “Jeez, I noticed a difference after I did an SMS campaign, but how many people are here because they got the SMS?”

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